Where is Nick rekieta?

Where is Nick rekieta?

Where is Nick rekieta? Nick is a lawyer in Minnesota and owner of Rekieta Law, who discusses legal topics and breaks lawsuits. He analyses law cases and also reacts them.

Is Nick rekieta a lawyer? I am Rekieta Law, a practicing attorney in Minnesota who likes to do entertaining and educational videos on the nuances of the legal system.

Who is Nick rekieta? Nick Rekieta is a writer and director, known for Lawsplaining the Interwebs (2018), Jawbreakers and

How do you get a lawyer mindset? Be professional, Be humble. As you gain experience, your value increases. But to become a successful lawyer you need to remember where you started from. When you serve your client, the most important thing even beyond your skills and your quality of work is the discipline.

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Who is Nate the lawyer?

Nate Broady aka Nate the Lawyer was a Cop, Prosecutor, and Law School Lecturer. Nate The Lawyer is a former prosecutor, law enforcement officer, Law School Lecturer and now a YouTuber.

Where did Nate the lawyer go to college?

Paul, Minnesota and earned a bachelor’s degree in history at Pepperdine University. He obtained certificates in dispute resolution at both the undergraduate and graduate school levels, which gave him additional training in mediation, arbitration and negotiation. His career as an attorney began in Oregon in 2010.

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