What is the law and order theme song called?

What is the law and order theme song called?

What is the law and order theme song called? ‘Law and Order”s ‘Dun Dun‘ Created A Legacy Like No Other.

Who composed the Law & Order theme song? 

Mike Post
Law & Order / Composer

Mike Post is an American composer, best known for his TV theme music for various shows, including Law & Order; Law & Order: SVU; The A-Team; NYPD Blue; Renegade; The Rockford Files; L.A. Law; Quantum Leap; Magnum, P.I.; and Hill Street Blues.


What instrument plays the Law and Order theme? The Original Law & Order series theme is a clarinet. SVU uses a different instrument. My musician friends say it’s a soprano sax (like Kenny G plays) I think it’s an oboe as it sounds less airy than a single reed instrument normally sounds.

What is the law and order dun dun sound? According to series composer Mike Post, the sound symbolizes the slamming of a jail cell door (via Entertainment Weekly). “I think of it as the stylized sound of a jail cell locking,” Post told Entertainment Weekly in 2003.

What is the law and order theme song called? – Additional Questions

How do they make the noise on law and order?

According to multiple sources, the sound was originally made to sound like a jail cell door slamming shut. According to IMDb.com, it “was created by combining close to a dozen sounds, including that of a group of monks stamping on a floor.”

What is the dun dun dun sound effect called?

Dun dun duuun! is a short three-chord musical phrase, or “sting“, widely used in movies and television to indicate a moment of suspense. In modern productions it is often used as a joke effect or to invoke a nostalgic feeling. There are three main variations of the sting, all considered to be the same effect.

Who made the dun dun dun?

(Mike Post, who is credited with creating the dun-dun, has said it’s actually a composite of various sounds, including a bunch of men stomping their feet.) One way to appreciate the brilliance of this or any of TV’s other great noises is to try to come up with a better one.

What is the Bong Bong on law and order?

Not only is the sound iconic to “L&O” fans, it’s music to the ears of Post’s bank account. He has a different name for it than “dun-dun.” “It’s not a sound effect, it’s a piece of music that actually gets a royalty,” he told the Television Academy Foundation.

What is the double tone on law and order?

In a 1993 interview with Entertainment Weekly, three years after Law & Order premiered, composer Mike Post explained how he created the sound. “I think of it as the stylized sound of a jail cell locking,” he said. “I wanted to add something that’s very distinctive but not a literal sound.

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