What is Geoffrey Fieger known for?

What is Geoffrey Fieger known for?

What is Geoffrey Fieger known for? He’s been the star of the Fox series, Power of Attorney, and of the CBS radio program, Fieger Time. He appears regularly on CNN, Fox, MSNBC and other networks, commenting on various legal issues and cases.

What kind of lawyer is Geoffrey Fieger? His practice focuses on personal injury, civil rights litigation and medical malpractice cases. Detroit, Michigan, U.S. Fieger served as the defense attorney for Jack Kevorkian and as the unsuccessful Democratic nominee for governor of Michigan in 1998.

Who did Jeffrey Fieger represent? In 1999, Geoffrey Fieger represented Nathaniel Abraham, the youngest person ever tried for first-degree murder as an adult in the state of Michigan. The case gained national attention. Only 11 years old at the time of his arrest, his case spotlighted the controversial issue of trying juvenile offenders in adult

How long has Geoffrey Fieger been a lawyer? Practicing for over 40 years, Geoffrey Fieger is a veteran of the legal battlefield. His command of the law, both as a trial litigator and as a scholar, has made him one of the most sought-after attorneys in the nation.

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Who is Fieger suing?

Fieger on Thursday filed two federal civil lawsuits against the Oxford Community Schools district and several administrators and staff over their alleged role in the Nov. 30 shooting that left four students dead and injured seven other people.

Is Geoffrey Fieger married?

Kathleen Fieger
Geoffrey Fieger / Spouse

Who was Kevorkian’s attorney?

Kevorkian’s Attorney, Geoffrey Fieger, to Speak Tonight.

Who is Geoffrey Fieger’s wife?

Kathleen Fieger
Geoffrey Fieger / Wife

Is Doug Fieger related to Jeffrey Fieger?

Doug Fieger, who grew up in Oak Park, had two siblings Geoffrey and Beth. Self-admittedly, Geoffrey, who had gained substantial national notoriety as an attorney who represented assisted suicide doctor Jack Kevorkian, has never really had the opportunity or has been asked in the past to talk about his brother.

How old is Mike Morris?

61 years (February 22, 1961)
Mike Morris / Age

Who is Mike Morris’s sister?

Michigan has hired Milan (Mimi) Bolden-Morris, who recently finished her basketball career at Georgetown, to serve as a graduate assistant working with the Wolverines quarterbacks. Bolden-Morris, the sister of Michigan senior defensive end Mike Morris, will begin her new job June 1.

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