What is a Jungle Law?

What is a Jungle Law?

What is a Jungle Law? Definition of law of the jungle

: a code that dictates survival by any means possible and that is presumed to be in effect among animals in their natural state or people unrestrained by any established law or civilized personal or civic control also : activity following this code.

Who is the Jungle Law guy? Tristen is an attorney and co-founder of Jungle Law. He focusses on Federal drug crimes, as well as DUI and possession charges. He is a successful trial attorney who also works on Personal Injury cases.

Who is the girl in the Jungle Law commercial? Lauren Sierra Kruskall is currently an attorney at Jungle Law. She works with her partner/fiancé Tristen Woods, representing animals and their owners.

What animal is in the Jungle Law commercial? Tristen Woods and Lauren Kruskall of Jungle Law are here with Yvonne Burbach of Wings of Love. They all tell us about the beautiful Eurasian Eagle Owls, named Bubo and Swoop.

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